ARTess Experience Studio and Art by Tess

     Hello!-  My name is Tess and for the last 3 1/2 yrs I am been creating different types of psychedelic art.  Fluid painting is fun and uses so many different techniques, and tie dye is such a classic art form, and along with quilting I have branded my style as a psychedelic artist.  Now, I am so excited to expand my creativity and share it with others.  The new ARTess Experience Studio is open and providing workshops for local folks in central Minnesota.  Schedule time to experience the studio with friends and have a group event, or sign up for one of the workshops on the events page.  There are so many different options that ARTess Experience Studio has to offer.  In addition to ART by Tess, the studio will display local artist and provide exposure for  them and our community to experience different arts and cultures and support local artist.
     The studio is located in Cold Spring Minnesota.  

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